Educational & Career Counseling

We provide personalized Counseling & Career Guidance in various Fields of Education, we have 25 Years of Experience in this field. Many of students & persons who were confused of their career, tried our counseling service, and made their future bright, not only that they are living happy and stable life.

Our Vision

Global Literacy & Development in Education Field. Each and every individual born should be educated and taught the right aspects of life. No one should starve for lack of Education. To achieve success and overal growth of our country India and the Globe, we here at S N Enterprise [Career Education] visualize the need for 100% Literacy. We can reach the sky only if each and every individual can read and write properly. It can eradicate unemployment, poverty, hunger & corruption. Let do it. Educate Human Beings.

With our Vision, How our Educational Counseling helps Students?

Choosing a career is not a big deal until 12th std. But, once you are done with 12th, it is necessary to choose a right path to make your career bright. To choose the right career option keeping the market requirements in mind is must and many students are not able to discover their potentials and interests at the stage when pressure starts building. We help this kind of students in following way.

1. Conduct an Aptitude: Career counseling helps a student realize true aptitude. Aptitude tests, conducted by our counselor, help students to clear the strong intellectual areas of a particular student. This empowers the student to make an informed decision when choosing future studies and making career choices.

2. An Objective Guide: Many times, students grow up with preconceived notions "I must become a doctor, since my father is one". Good counseling can quell these notions, and help the student view himself for the individual that he really is. After all, the doctor's son can actually be more suited to, and more interested in, being a musician!

3. Conceal Confusion: Often, students don't have a clear idea of what they want to study by the time they are due to make those choices. It is not due to any lack of interest; one is simply too young and our career counseling leads to clarity of thought in a student which helps students to identify interests, pick the appropriate subjects, and finally, make the choice of the right career.

4. Career Relation to Education: Some time it happens that a student has decided on a particular career, but is not sure of how to qualify for it academically. Our counseling helps to put things in proper perspective, the student chooses the right higher education for the chosen career, and likewise, is able to land safely on the career track, due the interest, motivational factors and the chosen stream of education.

How our counseling service helps Career Starters, Professionals & Individuals?

  •   It helps people in developing their own career management competences
  •   It helps people in assessing their personal characteristics and needs, then connecting them with the labor market and corporate systems
  •   It helps individuals in understanding their situations, so as to work through issues towards solutions
  •   It helps person in crisis and works to change life systems for the better.

Directors Message

Hello Students, this 21st Century has seen a sudden upsurge in Education. The importance of Education has increased threefold. A student without a relevant Masters Degree is considered unfit in today's world. Such is the competition amongst the students that has skyrocketed the importance of knowledge. Education is not only the real wealth but also Gem of Life. So looking into all the aspects we started this organization in 1998, with a view to take care of the students need. I personally assure that proper counseling of the students is done and are motivated to the fullest capacity. I also assure the students get the right teacher. My dream is to have 100% Literate world of students, which will ensure Economic overgrowth. I conclude by a pledge Education is my Motto & Education is my Dream.

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